Security Risk Management

Encompass an array of search operations both defensively and certain offensive operations in a civilian environment.

Security supervisors are equipped with the knowledge to manage bomb threat situations. Comprehend the ability to advise, plan and execute search operations that may cause varying threats to environments and conditions.


To develop the following expertise –

  • Determine and apply knowledge within the management of risks that supports specific professional requirements.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills to formulate strategies for issues within the workplace.
  • Adapt proficient ways of communicating to a diverse audience to demonstrate awareness of any uncertainties.


To achieve requirements upon completion

  • Identify risks and implement established risk management strategies to supports obligations in a professional organisation
  • Review, construct and improve structural processes, procedures for undertaking risk management
  • Consult stakeholders in the identification of risks while using tools and techniques to assess them
  • Coordinate risk management and support staff to manage risk and facilitate risk recovery

Duration: 1 Day Workshop