Private Investigation Course Melbourne

“AIS Training’s Certificate III in Investigative Services has been a very interesting and exciting course, not only as it is the fastest course to gain knowledge within the investigative industry, but has helped us gain confidence by meeting people from diverse cultures.”- Juliana



Certificate III Investigation Services

This course was extremely informative and I enjoyed the mixed mode format.  The other students provided input on a variety of different types of investigations conducted in various workplaces.   I currently work in the Workers Compensation field and this course helped me understand that an Investigation is not just something that should be done haphazardly but should be thoroughly planned.   I never did investigation plans before and I find them extremely helpful to organise my thoughts and task.

Anne Forsyth

“Have just completed the AIS Training Certificate III in Investigative Services – what a great way to refresh skills and knowledge in this essential area of investigations as well as obtain qualifications required for my NSW Commercial & Private Inquiry Agents Licence.”

Graham Evans – Managing Partner O’Connell The Employment Law Specialists


Private Investigation Course Melbourne

“I have just started the Certificate III in Investigative Services course and am finding it informative and easy to understand. Omid, our instructor, is very helpful and knows a lot about the industry.”- Loretta

Private Investigation Course Melbourne

“Starting this course made me gain more knowledge about the world around me. I learned how to get information, write reports and most of all, the powers you have as an investigator – knowing these will help me in my future career. This course was fun, enjoyable, and has opened a lot of doors to my future career.- Maha

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